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Automation Exchange Network Management Software:

  • Addresses the challenges and opportunities that your organisation faces with complex networks
  • Ensures you get the most out of your current and future network backed by AEX’s legendary customer support team and experienced developers

Our powerful solution can assist, no matter where your business is on its growth journey.

Whether it’s location-based planning, scheduling installations, or monitoring usage and billing, we’ve got you covered.

What do you need?


Better planning
Expand your network, capitalise on new opportunities.

Grow in the right direction: our software generates coverage maps for network operators based on geographical location (province, city, suburb, or estate) to:

Show where fibre or existing infrastructure is already connected

Indicate interest from potential customers in new areas

Enable new customers to sign up for services in their area

Turn effort into results: our platform supports sales and marketing initiatives to acquire new subscribers within the network.

A simple, accurate tool to show potential return on investment

Uses verified data to indicate probable interest in connectivity + product type


Assistance with installation logistics
Deliver a slick experience, from sign-up to setup.

Facilitate customer sign-ups: our software handles it all in three easy steps:

Customer specifies + confirms address to check availability of infrastructure.
Our software can integrate with Google and municipal databases

Personal details are captured according to network operator’s specific requirements.

Customer then chooses their product, based on speed, uncapped, unshaped.

Simplify subscriber on-boarding: our system manages and coordinates the complex installation process for you.


Handle billing more effectively
Streamline operations

Manage work orders efficiently: our software tracks the installation and connection process every step of the way.

Create work orders for maintenance, change of product/service provider

Up-to-date billing information for network users

Integrates with chosen accounting software for one-click invoicing


Proactive monitoring 24/7
Complete network visibility to reduce downtime

Insight into network devices: our software provides contextual data relating to performance:

Details on operational/non-operational devices

Status and operational history of specific devices

Turn insight into action, automatically: we can log queries, maintenance work orders, and confirm whether the issue is a power outage or Network Operator/ISP fault.

Assist with troubleshooting and proactive maintenance

Fully interactive dashboards based on customer needs

Customisable reports that facilitate faster business decisions


Interconnect Services
Simplify the engagement of Interconnect Services between FNOs and ISPs

Leverage AEX’s significant fibre footprint: deliver client services without the need for your own equipment.

Simplify your points of presence

Data centre locations no longer your concern

Leave the management and maintenance to us: All ISPs contracted with us are automatically connected to FNOs, without the need for a separate contract for each.

No need for separate interconnect infrastructure

More cost-effective to connect to new networks


Consulting Services
The hard-earned experience to optimise your business

By working with numerous network owners and service providers over the years, AEX has perfected the ultimate model for designing and delivering software platforms. 

Our consulting services are provided by industry-leading experts with deep knowledge on best practices, open access networks, equipment configuration, roll-out planning, and more.

Leverage AEX’s significant fibre footprint: deliver client services without the need for your own equipment.

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