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Simplify and demystify complex networks

No matter your industry or current software solutions, AEX software solution enables an ecosystem that connects all aspects of our client’s business and provides them with full visibility of their entire business.

“AEX provided our start-up with a complete automated ecosystem from the start, which ensured integration of all our business parts, including marketing, databases, customer usage, etc. and I had a full view of every aspect of the business from the start.”
Entrepreneur USA

Industries in which we’re
currently making a difference

Open or Closed Access:

Open Access: Enable multiple ISPs to be a part of your workflows, with access to view live end-to-end monitoring.

Closed access: Enable management of the entire network from one single platform.

Internet Service Provider:

We enable ISPs to integrate into network operators.

Access into NO’s network to view their client’s infrastructure.

Wireless / 4G & 5G:

We give wireless providers the ability to manage their entire network on one system – from end-points to high sites.

We make it easier to support different technologies using the same system and processes.

No matter how specific the need, we can help with work flow mapping and automated support.

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