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About AEX

Our Story

Since we launched in 2016 we’ve been obsessed with one goal: making fast and reliable internet connectivity accessible to everyone.

  • In everything we do, we strive to build the best possible product
  • Simplicity and power combined deliver an unmatched software experience

Our client partnerships extend beyond software offerings - we use our extensive experience to solve real business problems from the inside, out.

Our People

We have incredible talent behind the scenes, including highly-qualified software developers, technical consultants, business developers and a professional support team.

Our Team

  • Is deeply experienced in working with most network operators and vendors
  • Has assisted many companies in Africa, Europe and North & South America with network roll-out and support
  • Is dedicated, loyal and professional and we are motivated by enabling our clients’ plans for growth and expansion
  • Has integrated with 5 different fibre vendors (and counting!) as well as numerous network elements
"Systems in the network management space need to tread a fine line between abstracting complex network setup and end user usability. AEX has been walking this line for years now, and we have the knowledge, experience and systems to prove it.”
Hanel Kumm
CEO, AEX South Africa

Our timeline

AEX is founded

Pioneers open access environment for FNOs + ISPs to extend reach rapidly.

AEX works with 8 FNOs and 80 ISPs to reach 750 000 homes.

New national fibre optic network established.

Active subscriber base growth of 162% from 2019 - 2020

Achieved through vendor integration, including Huawei, Ubiquiti, Adtran, Calix, Nokia, Zhone and CDATA.

Global expansion - sign up of UK clients

The UK is an important market, with fibre-to-the-home still in the roll-out phase and many emerging network operators requiring AEX’s specific expertise.

Today, we focus on -
  • Bringing automated and scalable systems to network operators/owners around the world.
  • Partnering with their clients to share expertise in networks, automation and software development.
  • Continuing to drive our vision through all levels of our business.

Our mission is to:

Partner with our clients in ensuring their growth and success, while enabling them to automate and simplify their network and systems management as much as possible.

Our vision is to:

Become the market leader in automated, scalable network software solutions for African, European, North and South American network operators by creating robust software solutions and mutually-beneficial partnerships with our clients.

Our Values





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